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Sock Specification

Double Layered AFO Socks

These socks have been designed specifically for children wearing AFOs. They are double layered like those used by long distance runners, which virtually eliminates skin friction and hence the risk of blisters and sores.

Anti-Slip Dots

A popular feature with parents is the inclusion of anti-slip dots at the heel and ball of the foot. These dots are made from silicon and help the outer layer of the sock grip to the AFO. They are also useful when your child is out of the AFO.

Anti-slip dots

Extra Leg Length

Black Robin socks are for short leg AFOs and are made to a longer length than standard socks to ensure the skin is protected.

Extra length socks

Stretch Fit

AFO socks should be smooth and wrinkle free. Black Robin AFO socks come in 8 sizes to ensure a good fit. They also have excellent stretch properties. The socks are soft to the touch and stretch easily over the foot to create a comfortable and smooth fit.

Stretch Fit

8 sizes to age 6 years

AFO users need socks that fit well to avoid wrinkles and creases. For this reason we have made them in 8 sizes covering the very smallest of baby feet to children aged 6 years. Not only are Black Robin AFO socks the only AFO socks for children, they are the only children’s socks provided in such a comprehensive range of sizes.

Please use the size chart below to ensure you order the correct size. If in doubt, measure the length of your child’s feet.

Sock Size Chart

Mitchell AFO/ADM Size 0000-00 0-1 2-3 4-5 6-7 8-9 10-12
Foot length (mm) 67-80 81-92 93-112 113-132 133-152 153-172 173-202

Minimum Seam

Black Robin double layered socks are completely seamless and provide totally smooth surface contact with the skin, with the exception of a small toe seam (double layered socks need to be linked at the toe.)

Sock toe inside out

Fibre Mixture

Black Robin double layered AFO socks are made from the following fibres:

Cotton 78%
Polyamide 19%
Elastane 3%