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ADM Case Studies

Download: Day ADM improves balance and gait of 7 year old with Diplegia

Download: Night ADM resolves treatment problems for 2 year old with Unilateral Talipes

Download: Night ADM prevents Clubfoot relapse on patient unable to tolerate “Boots and Bar”

Download: Night ADM resolves compliance issues in Bilateral Talipes Patient

Download: Combined Night & Day ADM maintains correction of Clubfoot corrected at 8 months

Download: Clubfoot patient struggling to walk with severe hypermobility maintains correction and becomes able to walk using bilateral Night ADMs

Download: Hemiplegic patient with unstable ankle movement and at high risk of inversion trauma now has no pain or trauma by using the Day ADM

Download: Night ADM resolves issues with pressure sores for 19 month old with Unilateral Talipes